Being raised in a post-communist eastern European country that has struggled and is still struggling with poverty leaves a lasting imprint on an individual. 

Melissa Ivana is a visual artist who uses photography, sound and video to issue ironic and surreal comments on the awe-inspiring world that surrounds her. Also, by using the poems she writes as a starting point, she takes a dive into the subconscious and the way one can heal his pain through photography.

The roots lie in the Romanian traditions and folklore. They move Melissa towards creating, and motivate her to always question the world in a pure Romanian, theatrical way.


2017-2020 Falmouth University, BA (Hons) Photography


2020 Odds & Ends/ The Photography Gallery / Falmouth, UK

2020 EDGE Awards exhibition/ The Photography Gallery / Falmouth, UK

2019 Along the Lines/ The Photography Gallery / Falmouth, UK

2019 curator & promoter Nova Exhibition/ The Poly/ Falmouth, UK

2018 Flat Pack Exhibition/ Fox Cafe/ Falmouth, UK

2018 Debut Exhibition Late Apricot/ The Photography Gallery / Falmouth, UK

2017 curator A Space Within & Other Stories/ The Photography Gallery / Falmouth, UK

Awards & Publications

2020 “The Genitalia of a Gipsy Woman” – The Portrait of a Country as Seen by Melissa Ivana/ Cvltartes

2020 EDGE awards/ MAYN Creative/ Falmouth, UK


2020 Collaborator/ Lapsus/ Timișoara, Romania

2019 Studio Assistant/ Big Sky Studios/ London 

2018-2019 Visual Content Creator/ The Void Theatre Company

2015-2017 Junior Photographer Local Wilderness Youth Club/ WWF Romania

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